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Strawberry Sugar
Strawberry Sugar

Strawberry Sugar

LoveThermomixBy LoveThermomix Team  

August 13, 2016

Jazz up your normal sugar and infuse it with some strawberry flavour. It's great to sweeten dishes like rice pudding or even add it to some warm milk. All you need are freeze-dried fruit and sugar.

  • Prep: 2 mins
  • Cook: 1 min
  • Yields: 1 Glas


20 g Freeze-dried Strawberries (you can also use Raspberries)

250 g Sugar


1Grind the freeze-dried fruit for 10-20 sec. / Speed 10 until you have a nice fruit powder

2Add the sugar and mix for 15 sec. / Speed 4 / Reverse

3Store the mixture in a dry and airtight glass

Please note: While most recipes are designed for the TM5 and TM31, some might not fit the older Thermomix model. The TM31 has a lower Mixing Bowl capacity (2 litres) and a smaller Varoma (3 litres). If you are using a TM31, please make sure that it has the needed capacity and adjust the amounts of ingredients if needed. You are cooking at your own risk! Please visit for further information.


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